Friday, January 30, 2009

Samuel L. Jackson Calls Mormons Supporting Prop 8, “Misinformed.”

Samuel L. Jackson
Well that was rude, Mr. Jackson, not to mention categorically untrue.  I guess it wasn’t as rude as Tom Hanks’ “un-American” comment, but that doesn’t make it any less mistaken.  I personally don’t take kindly to being called an ill-led sheep, though I suppose I’ve been called worse (much worse).  The funny thing is that in calling Mormons misinformed, he has also labeled any other religious, non-religious, black, Asian, Hispanic, poor, rich, young, or old person who voted for Prop 8, “misinformed.”  Why?  Because we all voted yes for the same reason.  We all believe that marriage between a man and a woman is deserving of special recognition and protections over any other attempted redefinition.  So, Mr. Star-Studded Samuel L. Jackson, you’ve just called 6,838,107 Californian citizens “misinformed” simply because you disagree with them.  How brilliantly “celebrity” of you.

[Read the report here]


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thepomegranateapple said...

brilliantly celebrity.

thanks perla

Secular Heretic said...

He can't be much of a Hollywood star, I've never heard of him. The other photograph makes him look like the loser of a John Lennon look alike competition.

Meg said...

LOL Awesome. Thanks for this!

Dr B said...

What Tom Hanks said was misinformed, that Mormons gave to the church because of prop-8. I can only assume that Mr. Jackson is equally misinformed.

Rickety said...

There is an advantage to being labeled "misinformed" (ie. ignorant). Any time there is something like a proposition to pass the opposition will consistently underestimate our abilities. They will do it again next time around, guaranteed. They are so misinformed. :)

Pearl said...

@Secular Heretic

You've never heard of Samuel L. Jackson? Really? Um...let's see if I can recall a few movies he's been in. Oh yes, have you seen the new Star Wars movies? He's a Jedi on the Jedi Council, second in command to Yoda, I think. ... ... ... Ha! This is funny. I looked him up on IMDb and discovered that I really am not familiar with any of his other movies, either. He was also in Jurassic Park. Oh well, maybe you're right. :0)


You're welcome!

@Dr B

Thanks for clarifying who is really misinformed. I agree with your assessment of Jackson. I think actors get so used to having a script that when they open their mouths without one, they get themselves into trouble.


Good point! Very good point. We're the dark horse. We win by perseverance since while our opposition takes frequent protest breaks under the tree in between their zoom sessions, we just keep steadily plugging along. Just like the tortoise and just as you've stated, we are our advantage. :0)

Euripides said...

I'm impressed that SL Jackson would make such a blanket statement about a group. The homosexual activists call the Blacks uninformed for voting in favor of Prop 8. Now the Mormons are uninformed? All to preserve the right for homosexuals to have "legitimate" sex?

Pearl said...

Euripides, it's amazing isn't it, that people don't just see right through this caca?

Chairm said...

Hi all,

Jackson used the word, misinformed.

Not uninformed or ignorant.

This was his repetition of the anti-8 complaint that the Yes side's arguments and videos were misleading. Hence, Yes voters were "misinformed".

His remark invites comparison with his own videos in favor the No side.

Jackson did one on discrimination. It is a clever attempt to misinform the audience. But it is based on the No side's first axiom: to disagree with their pet cause is itself an act of bigotry. So, naturally, to vote Yes is an act of a person who is both misinformed by bigotry and motivated by bigotry.

It is a crock. Jackson, like the typical SSMer everywhere, accuses others of precisely what he himself has done. As for motivation, I don't know if he is sincerely ill-informed -- and thus sincerely misinforming others -- or if he is deliberately and knowingly misleading others. But motivation aside, his own public words are 'misinformative'.

A good rule of thumb with SSMers (ie those who advocate or support SSM) is that they will jump at the chance to gather enough rope for a rhetorical hanging but they always seem to hang their own arguments and claims.

You don't really have to encourage them. They'll do it all on their own.