Thursday, January 29, 2009

Final Donations to Prop 8 Will Go Public – Federal Judge Rules Against Personal Security While New President, Obama, Preserves the Personal Safety of Terrorists by Shutting Down Gitmo, Striking Against Intimidation During Interrogation.

Preferential Treatment of Terrorists Homosexual Activists' Intimidation of Prop 8 Donors

I am not surprised.  In more ways than one our government has ceased to fulfill its proper role of protecting life and promoting safety and security.  Indeed, while our new president calls for the cessation of the use of intimidation tactics in the interrogation of terrorists, our own citizens are being left high and dry by their own government and living subject to regular intimidation techniques and violations of privacy that are threatening their physical safety, liberties, families, and democratic rights.

How does it feel, California?  How does it feel to be second tier to terrorists, murderers, haters of the United States of America?  How does it feel?

Obama, Arnold, anybody, wake up!  Turn around.  Take a look at the people you have vowed to preserve and put a stop to the intimidation within the United States just as you have done with the intimidation without the United States.  Please.  End the hypocrisy.

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Amanda said...

I can't believe this! What an invasion of privacy. I'm so glad that I don't live in California, but if it's not stopped, then it will spread across the country like wild fire. Thanks for posting!

emissary said...

I'm seeing more and more of this, unfortunately. Treat the law-abiding citizens like criminals, but ensure that the criminals have full rights. Mourn foreign civilian casualties, but not the death of our own innocents (abortion).

Secular Heretic said...

This is crazy that your government is allowing such a thing. It isn't any body's business how you vote.

op-ed said...

I liked Dennis Miller's take on Obama focusing on helping terrorists:

"I guess with Barack Obama it proves out that the exploding wheel gets the oil. ... It's our turn now. How's about throwing us a bone over here? Don't hold it against us that we're not terrorists. That doesn't make us bad people!"

op-ed said...

Whoops. Forgot the link to Dennis Miller's take.

Pearl said...

Indeed, indeed! Throw us non-terrorist, US citizens a bone, Mr. President!