Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Donate to Natural Marriage in Maine!

From the Digital Network Army:
You are probably aware of the marriage campaign going on in Maine as they're working to keep marriage defined as between a man and a woman. I started talking with Stand for Marriage Maine's campaign about a week ago and have become aware of the pressing need they have for cash donations. Their coffers have run completely dry and they still have a month to go in the campaign. Maine is the second state that has had the opportunity to actually vote on their marriage law. If we lose Maine, the opposition will be able to say that people voted it in.

I was on twitter yesterday and saw a link go by with the comment "I'm obsessively compulsively hitting refresh---donations are pouring in for equality!" I went to the link and they had a goal of 30,000.00 with a graphic showing how much had been donated. I looked at the number and hit refresh. Every time I refreshed, the number increased. In the five minutes that I monitored the page, the amount had risen thousands of dollars. Imagine what damage they can do with that kind of firepower unopposed.

The opposition is martialing it's forces and donations are pouring in to their coffers from gay marriage advocates all over California and other states nationwide. After their stinging loss in California, they can't afford to lose Maine. They're pouring all their attention and resources into the state hoping to tip the election. We need to help our brothers and sisters in Maine. There is a dire need for donations. We can't afford to lose this fight. You can't protect marriage with empty air. Please forward this message to friends, neighbors, churches, ANYONE who can help! and let's get them the help they need to win.

Stand for Marriage Maine's Campaign page is here, click to donate:

It's our turn to help a neighbor! Send this out to anyone you know who also might be able to help! A little from many can go a long way.
Please donate whatever you can. Even $5 will make a difference! In truth, we can't afford to NOT help our neighbors in Maine. Should Maine follow California's example it would be a phenomenal message to the nation about how the citizens of this country truly view the sacred nature of marriage.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Maine Marriage Initiative - Grass Roots Fail, Fail, Fail!

Beetle's got a great story going at her blog. Looks as though EQCA (that’s Equality CALIFORNIA) is single-handedly managing the campaign to thwart the MAINE ballot initiative that seeks to reclaim a natural definition of marriage for children and families. Equality CALIFORNIA waging a culture war in MAINE. CALIFORNIA – MAINE. Wow. EQCA has a loooooooong arm.

I remember well when the No on Prop 8 Campaign and EQCA were so sure that the Yes on 8 campaign was “busing” volunteers into the state of California to tip the scales and outcome of the great Prop 8 debate. They were livid at the imagined offense.

I guess not incensed and offended enough not to employ the previously-imagined tactic themselves as they plead for out-of-state phone bank volunteers and organize road trips to Maine.

It’s pretty darn hypocritical IMHO.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Victor Guzman – Living Through the Refiner’s Fire



Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kerry Pacer: Gay ‘Person of the Year’ Gone Straight.

Kerry Pacer

From Ron Prentice:

In 2005, The Advocate, a national homosexual magazine, named 17 year-old Kerry Pacer their “Person of the Year” after she successfully took her fight to a U.S. District court to permit the formation of a gay-straight alliance club at her Georgia high school.  She claimed it was needed to teach tolerance of lesbians, gays and transgender kids because she had been bullied after having “come out” when she was 12.  

Fast-forward four years, and we now learn that Ms. Pacer is living happily with…. her boyfriend and their baby daughter.  This real life story doesn’t help the genetic argument for homosexuality. The champion of homosexual tolerance in Georgia high schools, self-declared lesbian and The Advocate’s youngest “Person of the Year” is straight.

For years, the homosexual community has asserted, “Being gay is not a choice.  No one would choose to lead a life wrought with incessant harassment. We were born that way.” And, they’ve argued that being transgender is also a genetic condition.  Backing this up with research seems important, doesn’t it?

Indeed, somewhere along the continuum between “choice” and genetic causation lies the truth.  Few homosexuals, especially men, have chosen their sexual orientation.  Yet it is also true that no reliable studies confirm the “born that way” claims.  If we’re listening, we’ll hear an abundance of testimony from living, breathing former homosexuals such as Kerry Pacer.  In fact, I’ve stood with hundreds of them, brought together by their shared experience of leaving homosexual behavior and finding freedom.

At a Los Angeles high school, a young man who claims a female orientation uses the girls’ locker room, alongside the girls, to dress for P.E.  Across the country in Maine, the Human Rights Commission ruled that a fifth grade boy who sexually orients himself as a girl should be allowed to use the school’s girls bathroom.

According to another story quoting Dr. Tracy Marsh, a Walden University faculty member in the School of Psychology, transgender is "a dynamic experience on a continuum, not a fixed point,” and that “…it honors that there are many expressions of gender, not just two."  This perspective promotes a free-for-all society and adds to “tolerance” as the new god to be worshipped, while the concept and practice of social order, religious freedom, and even disagreement, is silenced.

Through all of this, we keep coming back to the definition of sexual orientation having no primary biological cause.  In the case of Ms. Pacer, her sexual orientation as a 17 year-old clearly has changed.  In the case of the Maine elementary school child, who’s to say that he won’t have a different preference in the coming years?

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Yoink! – ACORN Exposed

Two questions:

1) Why is this not being broadcast all over the mainstream media?

2) Why are MY hard-earned tax dollars going toward this smut, deceit, and corruption?

It’s illegal.  Done.  Shut ‘em down and stop shoveling federal money into their pockets.

[Read more about this investigation here]

Why ACORN’s lies and deceit should concern us on more than just a financial and moral level: Inside Obama’s ACORN.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ben & Jerry’s Hubby Hubby

Ben & Jerry's Hubby Hubby 

Poor kids these days.  Even ice cream is being politicized.  Let’s take our ice cream cravings elsewhere, America.  We aren’t beholden to Ben & Jerry’s liberal agenda.  They’ve most definitely lost my business.

Contact Ben & Jerry’s to let them know how disappointing this announcement is.