Friday, August 28, 2009

BBC on Homosexual Parenting

BBC Answers to 10 Tricky Children's Questions
In a quaint, little article published on the 14th of this month, BBC offers resources to parents for answering 10 Tricky Children’s Questions.

The last of the 10 is “Why does my best friend have two dads?”

The answer that knocks the wind out of me:

"A child always starts with one mum and one dad. When the child is born, the mum and dad are usually best friends. But just like children, adults can change their best friends. Sometimes, the mum or the dad finds a new best friend. When adults find a new best friend, they are often called 'step-mum' or 'step-dad' because they are a 'step' away from their first mum or dad. When we say someone has 'two dads', it might mean their mum was best friends with one of the dads when you were born, then became best friends with another man afterwards."
Mark Booth, Stockton on Tees

Now doesn’t this just ooze stability and security for a child?  “Don’t worry little Billy (Susie), your primary caregivers may change frequently throughout your life as one or another authority figure makes a new best friend (or heck, maybe even friends, plural), but you’ll turn out all right in the end because ‘All you need is love.’”  That’s reassuring.  Check out the rest of the answers.  Is there a clear bias?   Is your opinion on same-sex parenting represented in these responses from various “coaches?”  Do we put too much emphasis on LOVE in our society today?  What about reason?  Logic?  Example?

Can love really conquer ALL?

I say no.

[Hat tip: On Lawn]


Monday, August 24, 2009

Non-representing Representatives

Deceptive little buggars lately, aren't they?

New legislation in Wisconsin has legalized a domestic-partnership registry which includes homosexual partners even though the state has a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman which was voted into law by the people of Wisconsin in 2006.

How did this new legislation come to be recognized in the face of such constitutional clarity?
"Governor Jim Doyle, a Democrat, lobbied for the legislation by including the
language in his biannual state budget approved by lawmakers." (Source)
Say what? He slipped domestic partnership registration legislation into his state budget proposal?!

Thank heaven for Wisconsin Attorney General, J.B. Van Hollen, who has refused to defend the new legislation.

"My duty to is to the people of the state of Wisconsin and the highest
expression of their will - the constitution of the state of Wisconsin," Van
Hollen said. "When the people have spoken by amending our constitution, I will
abide by their command. When policy-makers have ignored their words, I will
not." (Source)

One can only wish that more politicians would remember to defend the will of the people they supposedly represent.