Thursday, October 23, 2008

California Decision Will Radically Change Society

This article is fabulous! Written by Dennis Prager, this is a most somber look at the consequences that would ensue should we move to legalize same-sex marriage in California. We live in such a "now" society which refuses to look forward or backward. If we did, we would never be in this situation, having to make this decision. Today, if you are one who looks to the past for wisdom, you are considered backward, outdated, and stuffy. If you are one who looks to the future at possible consequences, you are scoffed at and mocked as a radical, "out there" thinker and "dooms-day" fanatic. If you refer to the Bible instead of MTV, you are from "that generation" (said with eye-rolling despondency). The thing that irks me the most is an experience I've had repeatedly in the last week. Someone will stop at a red light by our sign-waving corner and immediately launch into an angry diatribe about how legalizing same-sex marriage will not have any effect on children's education in California. For one, these people don't actually want to have a respectful conversation about Prop 8, they just want to scream and yell and fight and refuse to listen. Whatever. But, what really gets my goat is when I can cite back to them specific incidents of children being taught about homosexual relationships and behaviors in Massachusetts schools and all they have to say back is, "We're not Massachusetts." Really? Is that really your response to such a frightening reality just across the country? That somehow, what's written in our state constitution will be able to withstand the onslaught of normalization tactics which will be sure to follow the legalization of same-sex marriage? At the very heart of this issue is the fact that legalization of same-sex marriage is not about civil and equal rights. It's about procuring a word, "marriage," at the expense of proven societal structure, in order to remove the stigma of homosexuality and force the acceptance of a harmful lifestyle on a society that does not actually want to accept it. And the total acceptance of homosexuality will inevitably lead to the ostracism of those who, even quietly and personally, do not agree with it. I love what Dennis Prager says at the end of his article: "I take it as axiomatic that a gay man or woman is created in God's image and as precious as any other human being. And I readily acknowledge that it is unfair when an adult is not allowed to marry the love of his or her choice. But social policy cannot be made solely on the basis of eradicating all of life's unfairness. Thus, we must love the gay person -- and his and or her partner as well. But we must never change the definition of marriage. The price to society and succeeding generations will be too great."

California Decision Will Radically Change Society by Dennis Prager