Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Sign Waving

This hour marks the close of the happiest day of my Prop 8 life thus far. As we finished up our sign waving for the morning rush hour, a burly pedestrian approached us and, while expressing his deep gratitude for our service, handed us a bag full of ice cold bottled water. He had driven by earlier, honking his horn and giving us thumbs up. Then he circled back and in a perfect gesture of camaraderie, offered his assistance to us by quenching our thirst.

So, let's move on to tonight's little victories. As I set up camp on the corner this evening, the W family approached with some homemade signs made by our very own T. One sported a very important message "Prop 8 doesn't take ANY rights away" and the other served to, shall we say, rally the troops a bit. Well, really, the second had a two fold mission. In this simple request, "Honk if you like Prop 8," we were able to not only effect a cacophonous symphony of automotive horns, but we also eliminated the opposition's method of drawing attention to it's fingers and thumbs and frowns. Utterly and completely foiled, they were. You are brilliant, T! We were also blessed with a car full of youth who kept circling back to come through our intersection over and over blasting their horn and screaming out their windows in support of Prop 8. Bless them, whoever they are. I would love to adopt them.


Scott and Megan said...

Ok- how did she make those signs? Mine were going to be painted and very homemade looking... can I buy some from her?

Liz said...

Oh, ha! She has a vinyl lettering business. :) Let's just say she's keeping busy these days. :)