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Pearl is taking one; a much deserved, much anticipated, much appreciated sabbatical. In short, I'm taking a summer vacation to reconnect with my family, my neglected hobbies, my favorite books, and my Heavenly Father.

Never fear, I'll still be hanging around various social networking sites and keeping up on the latest threats to family and freedom, but my posts will be few and far between and will most likely be quick blurbs with links or videos for your viewing pleasure.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

A Father’s Day Plea

"Overall, fathers play a restraining role in the lives of their children. They restrain sons from acting out antisocially, and daughters from acting out sexually. When there's no father to perform this function, dire consequences often result both for the fatherless children and for the society in which these children act out their losses."

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~ Pearl

P.S. Never forget: "Marriage between one man and one woman is the ultimate expression of equality as no gender is marginalized.”

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The True Meaning of the “Day of Silence.”

Day of Silence
Do you like stories?  Then you’ll like this blog post.  It’s chalk full of stories.  Of course, these aren’t exactly “happy ending” stories, though some might feel that way, but you ought to read them regardless.  Some stories are important for the motivation to effect change.  These are those kind. 

The Day of Silence is taking on a whole new meaning these days.  The email below, one of countless just like it, recently landed in the inbox of Brian Brown of NOM (National Organization for Marriage), an organization which, led by Maggie Gallagher, is currently fighting on the forefront of the marriage battles in multiple states.

There is something to be said for the fact that homosexual advocates want so badly to silence any and all opposition to their lifestyle that they will resort, over and over again, to threat and intimidation.  What is it that homosexual advocates are so afraid of?  The truth?


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1) Well, this is one young lady who is taking note.  And I’ve got to be honest here, I’m not liking what I’m seeing.  Homosexual advocates are busy in our country today, folks.  We’ve got the CA Alameda School District announcing it’s plans to move forward with multi-sexual “tolerance” education for KINDERGARTNERS, despite an overwhelmingly large showing of very vocal parental opposition at a public forum.  And, of course, this is non-opt out curriculum with no parental notification.

During the meeting, one school board member who voted against the curriculum inquired when the term “heterosexual” was introduced in school vocabulary and was told fifth grade, when parental notification and opt-out provision are mandatory. However, the term “homosexual” is introduced in fourth grade, and there will be no parental notification or opt-out provision. When asked about heterosexual family portrayals in school curriculum, the board was told students study the Donner Family. Those who were actually educated in their schools will remember the Donner Family is notorious for engaging in cannibalism when stranded on their pioneer journey to California in the 1800’s.

At one point during the meeting, the school board president admitted receiving more emails and letters in opposition of the curriculum than in support.  At the numerous board meetings those in attendance regarding the curriculum were overwhelmingly in opposition. That is noteworthy considering many Alameda parents are still learning about the curriculum.

“It’s impossible to understand how these three school board members can sit there and listen to this compelling testimony from concerned parents and still put their radical agenda ahead of the good of their school district,” stated Karen England, who attended the meeting. “They can see first-hand this is dividing their community and yet they bow to the special interests groups who are pushing an indoctrination program at the expense of true education.”

(Beetle Blogger)

2) Also in California, the legislature is once again pushing through gay celebration legislation in the form of SB 572, Harvey Milk Day, which bill was defeated at the Governor’s desk just last year when he rightly declared that it had no place in public schools.  However, Arnold’s position toward homosexual marriage has done a complete about-face since he defended Proposition 22, nine years ago, so California citizens aren’t holding their collective breath for him to veto Milk once again.  Oh, and please take note that Harvey Milk Day would also be a non-opt out, no parental notification day. 

Harvey Milk’s life was characterized not by contributions to this state, but by contributions to the LGBT movement. Therefore, dedicating a day to him would be dedicating a day to the LGBT movement, not to honoring a man who helped California. And as of right now, there are 16 student-led* days honoring the multi-sexual movement (everything from Day of Silence, Gay Pride Day, to the festivities surrounding Martin Luther King Jr Day). Do we really need to take another day away from school to teach about Harvey Milk?

If it’s just about the fact he was brutally murdered, why not have a Mayor Moscone Day? They were both killed for the same reason—they did not want Mr. White to have his position back as supervisor. Mr. Milk was not murdered because he was gay, so why are we even considering a state day of recognition for him that would promote the LGBT lifestyle?

(Pride of America)

*Note: I am not certain what the author means by “student-led,” but it is clear that the Day of Silence, at least, is sponsored by GLSEN, the ever-present LGBTQ “champions.”

3) In Ramona, CA, sixth grade Natalie Jones opted to do a class report on homosexual hero, Harvey Milk.  The school’s principle informed Jones that permission slips would be sent home to parents first so that they could choose whether or not their children would be present for such a presentation honoring a man whose life work was to expand rights for those pursuing the LGBT lifestyle.  Now the ACLU is suing the school district for “discriminating against her speech” when they didn’t do that with any other student’s report (like the one who was reporting on Platypuses, or the one who chose to highlight a baseball player, etc.).  Parents are rightfully incensed at the lawsuit considering the fact that homosexuality is a very controversial subject for many families; and at least half of them were grateful for the advanced notification as six of the twelve children were opted out of the report.  Six of twelve.  Half.  And in the quote below you will witness the ACLU spokesperson blatantly denying the right of parents and families to determine the level of acceptance and equivalence they will demonstrate, and teach their children to allow, toward homosexuality.  In Blair-Loy’s mind, homosexuality and heterosexuality are equivalent, and so ought they to be regarded by everyone, “or we’ll sue . . . .”  Nice “open-minded” mentality.

The district claims that incorporating the Milk presentation is equivalent to "sex education" so parents should be notified. But the ACLU disagrees.

"If you do a class on Shakespeare, that's not sex education, even though those two characters are in a heterosexual relationship," Blair-Loy said.


4) Moving on.  Quite recently in New Hampshire, we got a rare glimpse of the true homosexual agenda as pro-SSM legislators themselves ripped off the blindfolds in a move that shocked the entire country.  They voted down an amendment (HB 73) to a same-sex “marriage” bill (HB 436) that would offer clear religious protections.  It was the only requirement Governor Lynch had for staying a veto once the bill reached his desk.  Why didn’t it pass?  Why were the pro-SSM legislators unwilling to vote in favor of these religious protections?

raytmimer said,

“This is going to be an interesting point of contention. Hasn’t the whole point been all along that there is no threat to religion in these bills? How can they explain rejecting protections for religion and still keep a straight face when our concerns are raised over religious freedoms?”

Chairm said,

“Raytimner, it is because the SSM campaign refuses to grant that those who disagree have any moral standing. It is the first axiom of SSM argumentation that to disagree is itself an act of bigotry. Indeed, the line is usually far more pointed than even that — they declare axiomatically that it is a religious bigotry. Hence the rejection of freedom of conscience and the obvious assertion of supremacy for identity politics of the gaycentric variety.”

(raytmimer and Chairm at Beetle Blogger)

If we rewind even farther, we would note that Senator Sheila Roberge had initially offered three alternatives to the Committee of Conference on Gay Marriage Bill HB 73, “all of which were rejected. She suggested asking voters in a nonbinding referendum whether the Legislature should permit same-sex marriage, postponing the effective date of the legislation from January 2010 to July 2011 or allowing businesses and individuals to decline to provide wedding services if doing so would violate their ‘consciences or sincerely held religious beliefs.’”

“Because a compromise must receive unanimous support to survive, Roberge was then removed from the committee and replaced with Sen. Matthew Houde, D-Plainfield, who voted with the majority [by phone]. Roberge said she was disappointed she was removed.”

( and Pomegranate Apple at Beetle Blogger)

Here’s the tally so far:

Silence organizations fighting for their belief in the traditional marriage ideal.
Silence parents in order to indoctrinate children.
Silence schools, who would honor parental rights, by suing them.
Silence children by creating allies out of them through misdirected “hero” worship.
Silence religion as evidenced by a failure to pass religious protections for those preaching against SSM.

Let’s do that one more time:

Silence organizations.
Silence parents.
Silence schools.
Silence children.
Silence religion.

Oh, and remember this:

“This door’s wide open now.  It’s gonna happen.  Whether you like it or not.” (Mayor Gavin Newsom)

Welcome to the true meaning of Day of Silence.


UPDATE (4:05 PM): New Hampshire Governor, John Lynch, signed the homosexual “marriage” bill (HB 436) today, making NH the sixth state in the US to recognize homosexual “marriages.”  Like dominos they fall.