Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ben & Jerry’s Hubby Hubby

Ben & Jerry's Hubby Hubby 

Poor kids these days.  Even ice cream is being politicized.  Let’s take our ice cream cravings elsewhere, America.  We aren’t beholden to Ben & Jerry’s liberal agenda.  They’ve most definitely lost my business.

Contact Ben & Jerry’s to let them know how disappointing this announcement is.



Matthew said...

I agree that this is mostly ridiculous, ice cream really isn't the place for political statements. Granted, by boycotting the consumption of their ice cream, you're essentially stepping down to their level, and being equally ridiculous, and allowing said statement to affect your choices as a consumer.

On another note, this is an interesting way of getting your opinion out there. Sometimes we just aren't heard, and we need to yell to be heard in a political arena. In that sense, this is a unique way of supporting something you believe in. I also tend to agree with the statement, I really think it's time to separate religion and politics in the US.

Interesting find.

Pearl said...

Matthew, could you please explain to me how my boycott is "stepping down to their level?" I really am curious. I believe it is a responsible and calm way to express my disagreement with an establishment that has adopted a cause I disagree with. Now, if I was out in front of Ben & Jerry's headquarters with signs and bullhorns, harrassing other customers, then you might have a fair point.

As for this being an interesting way to get their opinion out there. I think you are right, it is interesting. But interesting and acceptable are very different things. My beef is with the fact that Ben & Jerry's, as far as I was concerned, was never a "political arena," but rather an ice cream establishment. Could I have been THAT mistaken? They are disregarding their audience, many of which are under the age of 18 and have no voice (yet) in politics. Or perhaps they are not disregarding, but indoctrinating, desensitizing.

Forget about religion and politics. Those were never meant to be so polarized as they are now. Let's ban any mixture of ice cream and politics! :0)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Matthew.