Friday, January 23, 2009

I Had An Abortion









Does this “I had an abortion” t-shirt marketing stunt offend you?  It sure offends me.  Oh that our selfish, vain society could see past the cutesy, trendy t-shirts and misinformed declarations of liberation and independence.  As disgusting as it is, what I offer here is a dose of the horrid reality of abortion.  If everyone in American saw these photos, Planned Parenthood would be out of business from one day to the next.  I’m with Ruby, if only I could “collect all the ‘unwanted’ babies (all 42 million of them). I would keep them all safe. I would say … beautiful words in their ears. I would hold them.... I would help them find a mom and a dad who would love love love them….”

I had an abortion

Save the Earth, Abort a Child


It’s a wonder that anyone can be so glib about abortion as to turn this…


Aborted Baby

9-week-old aborted fetus


…into a snide, glorified, mega-profitable business.

And now I’m going to go throw up for having looked at those images one too many times (never would have been ideal).  My heart is threatening to claw right out of my chest to attempt to piece these discarded little humans back together again.  I weep as I type wondering how any woman can live with herself after choosing this, let alone don glib apparel declaring herself a proud murderer.

Yours in abject horror and inevitable nightmares,

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Aussie Therese said...

When we live in a world where animals are more protected than our children something is very very wrong.

Euripides said...

The women who can proudly wear such t-shirts must have had their hearts excised before the abortion. That is simply violence to their own bodies, and of course to the unborn fetus.

Pearl said...

And shame on the parents who march their teenage daughters into Planned Parenthood demanding that they make the "disgrace" disappear. Shame on them for claiming that they "know what's best" for their daughter even while forcing her to murder an innocent. Shame on them for physically and psychologically scarring their daughter in a selfish attempt to avoid a misguided pregnancy stigma.

WhY Me? said...

This is sick i can't believe that somebody would do that to a fetus. I can't believe how child like they look. My sister had an abortion when she was 12 weeks pregnant i didn't even know it was possible to have an abortion that late.

emissary said...

This is so sick. If any other species did this, we'd wonder what was wrong.

Daniel said...

"When we live in a world where animals are more protected than our children something is very very wrong."

Aren't animal abortions generally legal throughout the world?

Pearl said...

"Aren't animal abortions generally legal throughout the world?"

Oh brother. I believe the sentiment is that there is more outcry against animal abuse than there is over infanticide. Which seems to be, quite sadly, true.

Daniel said...

"I believe the sentiment is that there is more outcry against animal abuse than there is over infanticide."

Incorrect, if by "sentiment," you meant the one expressed by Aussie Therese that my initial post was responding to. She implied that animals have more legal protections than "our children," and I responded with a question that basically challenged this claim. That's quite a bit different than the "sentiment" you're referring to in the above quote.

Aussie Therese said...


I wasn't saying that animals cannot be aborted. Maybe my words were not worded in the right way but Pearl picked up on what I meant.

Have you heard the story of Glen Beck and what happened to him when he threatened that a puppy would be killed on his show? There was a huge outcry. He did it at a time that a husband was in the process of seeking to kill his wife by starvation. Glen spoke very strongly against this man killing his wife and no one was that upset about it. Yet when he spoke of killing a puppy there was a huge outcry. The women that Glen spoke up for was Terri Schiavo. She was eventually starved to death by her husband even though her parents wanted to take care of her.

If Glen had really killed a puppy on his show it would have been wrong and I am glad there are people sticking up for those less defenseless but Terri Schiavo was a human and there was no outcry about her impending death from those that were upset about a puppies death.

iammenotyou79 said...

OMG. This is so Terrifying :(
Such a horrible thing. Even if now I'm pregnant and still I am so young, But i would never do this. Shame on those women who do this such things.