Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Save Our Millions of Modern-Day Thumbelinas!

Thumbelina: a beloved children’s character, fairy wannabe, field-traveler with a thumb-sized stature.  She was loved, very loved, cherished, and sought after.  Kidnapped from her home by enamored Latino frogs, Thumbelina found herself wandering through a rugged and unforgiving world, thinking no one loved her and that she would never find her way back home and back to her handsome Prince Cornelius.  Cornelius, in the meantime, was romantically braving the frigid onset of winter to find and rescue his beloved Thumbelina.  The real-life tragedy here is that the cartoon character Thumbelina was and is more beloved than her infant, human, thumb-sized cohorts who are being aborted by the hundreds, even thousands each week around the globe.

Thumbelina's Mother Real-Life Thumbelinas

Time to mount your loyal bee and draw your princely sword to fly through the storm to the defense of our modern-day Thumbelinas who are being literally thrown to the terrible toads, beetles, and moles.

Thumbelina ToadThumbelina BeetleThumbelina Mole  

From United Families International

On December 10, 2008 a Pro-Life coalition including United Families International gathered at the UN to present a Pro-Life petition.  The reason for the petition was two fold:

  1. To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  2. In response to a Pro-Abortion petition presented by Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes International

The Pro-Life petition contained over 340,000 names gathered over a 60 day period, while the opposition petition claimed 651 names in nearly a year of work.  Due to the relatively short amount of time that the Pro-Life petition was available, United Families International and the Pro-Life coalition have decided to keep the petition open until September 2009 when it will be re-presented to the UN.  We invite all who believe in the sanctity of life to add their names to the International Petition to Protect Life.

The petition requests that all member nations and states interpret the UNDHR to mean that:

The right to life, liberty and security is for every person; that each child born or unborn, has the right to birth and a full, natural life. That a child has the right to a mother and a father, of full age, within the bonds of marriage defined as between a man and a woman.  And, that the parents have the right to raise and educate their children without any limitation due to race, religion, culture or nationality.

CLICK HERE to add your name to the petition and join Pro-Lifers around the globe in protecting life.

There is an immense possibility for a much happier ending for these sad, neglected Thumbelinas.

Cornelius_Thumbelina 12/08/2008 NEWS: Scott Lacey - This picture was taken three weeks after the birth of my daughter Ruby, just before setting out for a walk.
This photo is precious to me as it demonstrates the time in my life when life stopped being about me and became entirely about her.  Being someone she can trust, love, share with and laugh with; is an incredible gift.  She is my miracle.
I have been given the privilege of being her "dada", that makes this the most important role of my life and the role with the most expectations and rewards.
Scott Lacey
Father of Ruby Lacey (one in just under two weeks)
Ag Lacey [aglacey@iinet.net.au]  

I signed. Have you?


Kingfisher said...

You bet I've signed it! What a small thing to do to support such an important cause. I love the Thumbelina comparison - very original!

Secular Heretic said...

Thanks Pearl, for the article. 651 names by the opposition is very poor.