Friday, February 27, 2009

San Diego Tea Party Pictures

We went, we saw, we conquered.  Or at least I’d like to thing we made some sort of impression on the people who claim to represent us.  Over at TCOT Report, they are being swamped with images and reports from around the country and estimates currently stand at somewhere around 25,000 poor fiscal policy protestors.  What an impressive number for a widespread and spontaneous grassroots uprising.

In San Diego, I was impressed by the size of the crowd in attendance.  SD Police estimated the number to be near 600.  I was also impressed by the diversity of the crowd.  Families, moms with strollers, kids running around, elderly, businessmen, concerned citizens all.  Respectful yet relentless.  These are the people who recognize and live financial responsibility and are chilled by the deficit-increasing scheming being pushed through government these days.

Here’s to good fiscal policy, or as Michelle Malkin says, “Fiscal responsibility is the new counterculture….A grass-roots revolt against the culture of entitlement. The spendzillas in Washington do not speak for us.”

Here are a few pictures I took while I was “revolting.”  There are many more pictures and accounts to be viewed and read at Michelle Malkin and TCOT Report.  The turnout has been inspiring!

“Repeal or Retire”

“We’re being set up for Socialism!”

Rally for the American Stars and Stripes North of the Star of India

These are the grassroots; America’s hope.  Good, clean, regular everyday folk.  I heard this lady mention that her children were the future leaders of America and one man suggested that he wished they could be our leaders right now; that they’d probably do a better job than our current ones.  I’m with him.  I am impressed by mothers everywhere who are recognizing the need to train up future civic leaders with strong morals and standards.  These kids will have a heaping mess to clean up if we don’t stand up and do our part to stay the hand of fiscal irresponsibility right now.

“No, no – B.H.O.  No taxation without showing your birth certificate.”

My personal favorite: “Commander in Thief.”  Ha ha!

That’s all for today, Pearl People.  Much love and success.  Thank God for your job if you still have one!


More pictures from the San Diego Tea Party here.


Liberty Belle said...

Yes! Rally Babes! I love kids at rallies. Train them up in the way they should go!

Meg said...

Wow, that is incredible. I wish I'd been able to attend, or that there had been one closer. Even the capitol was too far.

Thanks for sharing this!

thejournalistachronicle said...

I'm sad I missed it. It looks like you all had a great time. Thanks for going and fighting for all of our rights! The signs were genius!!!! I saw the pics from you and liberty belle on facebook. Love them!

Chairm said...

These guys would make good guests at the next Tea Party: parody of Publishers Clearing House Ads.

Taxpayers Clearing House.