Thursday, April 30, 2009

Should Carrie Prejean Lose Her Miss California Crown Over The Opinion She Was Asked to Give?

Miss California
Apparently there have been some rumors circulating that Carrie Prejean might lose her Miss California crown because of her opinions on homosexual “marriage.”  Granted, they are just rumors at this point, but let’s return briefly to the day after her daring and blessed response, when Pearl first blogged about Miss Prejean.  I did predict that this very thing would happen:

Monday, 4/20/09 – Miss California, Carrie Prejean, on Gay Marriage

“How much do you want to bet Carrie Prejean gets impeached due to pressure from seething, gay activist mobs before the year is out?  I wouldn’t be surprised.”

So check out this extremely slanted LA Times blog post.  The author writes with clear derision when she amends her article to include Carrie’s scheduled stop at some Gospel music awards, and mocks the warm reception Carrie will receive:

This just in: Prejean will introduce Mercy Me’s hit song "I Can Only Imagine" at Thurday night’s Gospel Music Association Dove Awards, airing live on the Gospel Music Channel.

Bet she'll get a warm welcome there!

Set your DVRs, folks.”

And what does Carrie have to say about losing her crown?  Well, let’s just say that intimidation and vitriol is not working on her either, THANK GOODNESS!  She’s stickin’ to her guns (beliefs) and walking tall through the gauntlet.

"If they want to take my crown away from me, by all means, that's fine.  If you don't think that I am representing the state of California the way that you want me to, that's fine. I think that I am staying true to myself and that is what a Miss California should do; a Miss California should have her own opinions and be able to state them."

I. am. just. so. proud.

AND LOOK AT THAT COMMENTS SECTION, YA’LL!  People are not being fooled by the “contrived human rights” argument.  Hilton showed his true colors and folks are not impressed.  Carrie is the people’s champion right now because she stayed her ground knowing that the results would not be pretty.  And boy did Perez Hilton show his ugliest side during his rant following the show.

Here is my favorite comment:

“Perez Hilton asked her for her opinion. That question had two answers. Her opinion did not favor his. What is wrong about her being able to state her beliefs?”

And here is one that is so very . . . well . . . true:

“Thankfully, gay people allow the perez hiltons, rosie odonnels, the anti-mormon protesters and the "gay pride parade" people represent them in the media. Even the ultra liberal state of Kalifornia voted down gay marriage simply because of who the normal gay population lets represent them.”

Well, I guess I’ll hop on over to the article and leave my own encouragement for Carrie.  You go girl!



Euripides said...

Thanks Pearl. I just documented a whole boatload of quotes on my own blog that demonstrate that Perez Hilton isn't just a "fluke" representative of gay activists' foul language and spiteful remarks.

Secular Heretic said...

This guy Hilton is hopeless. Anyone can see through him. Why ask the question if you can't handle the answer. I suspect that most people do know that marriage is between one man and one woman so what type of answer do you think Carrie would give.

Aussie Therese said...

I watched Perez this afternoon speaking about Carrie. He was calling for Carrie to give up the title MIss California herself. He said that she really shouldn't be advancing her agenda as Miss California but only speaking as Carrie Prejean.

Of course, if she had said Gays should be allowed to marry, he would have no hesitation in proclaiming that Miss California believes that.

He was the one that brought it up. If he didn't want Miss California saying Marriage is between a man and a women, he should not have asked the question.

beetlebabee said...

there was a quote from the pageant organizers back when they were trying to straddle the line between support and criticism saying that Miss CA could run the platform as she saw fit, it was her platform to run. I thought that was very interesting. Let's see if they stick by their original comments.

Secular Heretic said...

Exactly AT. He wasn't interested in her own opinion but using her to further his own ideas. His plan failed and he's angry about it.