Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santas Handing Out Condoms. Gift Certificates for Abortions.

Say what?!

Come again?!

Yeah, you read that right....

Santas Hand Out Condoms During Pre-Christmas Rush on Toronto’s Busiest Streets

By John Jalsevac
December 18, 2008 ( – Christmas shoppers were shocked this week to find men and women dressed up as Santa Claus on some of the busiest streets in Toronto, handing out condoms.
The publicity stunt was arranged by Durex, the condom manufacturer.
A press release from the company explained that costumed representatives, dressed as Santa Claus, would be handing out the condoms beginning on Tuesday, December 16.
“This holiday season, Durex(R) wants lovers to really feel the Love,” says the release. “Helping Canadians get in the mood to wrap their packages, Durex and Santa will start celebrating the holidays by handing out Love condoms this Tuesday, December 16, 2008 in downtown Toronto. Giving never felt so good!”
“It’s deeply saddening to me that at one of the most sacred times of the year, Durex would do such a thing,” said Suresh Dominic of Campaign Life Catholic in response to the publicity stunt.
The condom manufacturer is not the only organization that is hijacking Christmas to spread a message of casual sex. Planned Parenthood also recently made the news by offering gift certificates that can be redeemed for everything from contraceptives and sexually transmitted disease testing to abortions.

"There's sex, and then there's Durex."

Can someone please tell me when we stopped thinking about children? When our own selfish desires took precedence over everything and everyone else? Have sex! That's what Christmas is all about, right? Wrong. Then it would be Sexmas, not Christmas. If you want to hand out condoms at Christmas in the name of "spreading the love," then create your own mascot to do your dirty work rather than appropriate the one whose image is so dear to children. I know, how about a walking penis? Oh right, then everyone would avert their children's eyes and run away, kind of like how they want to react to these Condom Santas. But they can't, you know why? Because then a kid is going to want to know why his mommy is running away from Santa; and mom, fidgeting uncomfortably, will wonder why she has to choose between teaching morality and preserving Christmas magic. And FYI, true love is commitment, not casual sex performed with a condom you picked up from Santa the week before Christmas. This is just despicable.

Here's the Durex contact info. Whether you write to them or send them a message via their website, just tell them how wrong this is. Please. is. It truly is.


Zoey said...

I can hardly believe this! Urg, it just makes me sick. Commercializing Christmas is one thing but this is just wrong.

Secular Heretic said...

Take as many as you can then throw them in the bin. That's what we did at World Youth Day.

Planned Barenhood doesn't surprise me any more in what they do.

emissary said...

This is how they marketed the Planned Parenthood gift certificates. From the Chicago Tribune:

"What do you get the person who has everything—except adequate health insurance? If you live in Indiana, consider this offering from the state's Planned Parenthood affiliate: gift certificates in $25 increments."

Pearl said...

You know, I understand the inadequate health care thing. I really do. Because the health care system in our country is deplorable. But those gift certificates should not - absolutely not - include abortion services. No way, no how. To think that someone might actually redeem a gift certificate for an abortion is criminal! And yet that option has just been presented to anyone, wrapped in a shiny package with a bow on top. This is no fuzzy, wuzzy puppy dog, people. It's a gift certificate for murder.