Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Feeling the Hate of Prop 8

Governor Schwarzenegger, MAN UP!
by Jen Shroder

The backlash continues to roar in California as gay activists continue to silence opposition while waiting for the Calif. Supreme Court to weigh in on Prop 8. The Mormon Church and Chuck Norris are feeling the heat while Linda Harvey receives threats. A Houston lawyer "who brazenly identified himself," wrote, "You are very much being watched! All you jeebus-lovin-christers rights will slowly be taken away one by one the more you try to press your beliefs down our throats. "

An elderly woman is swarmed, her cross ripped out of her hand and stomped on while the news anchor, Kris Long, reports "...There is a lot of anger and a lot of hate, quite honestly, on both sides."

Margie Christoffersen donated a mere $100 to Prop 8, riots broke out at her restaurant, now her life and business is in turmoil. An LA Film Festival director has been drummed out of the business for donating.

Reports stream in. Michelle Malkin writes of a Christian group being surrounded and sexually molested by gay activists for standing on a street corner.