Friday, November 14, 2008

Still Here, Still Chagrined

I know I haven't done much on this blog since we voted and passed Proposition 8 here in California. But, I'm still here and I'm definitely still following the violent and childish reactions to the final results with disgust and mortification. LDS Temples being defiled and vandalized with stomping protesters climbing up on the walls and screaming slogans into bullhorns, vile and offensive graffiti left written on the walls in their wake. Domestic terrorism threats to the SLC Temple, LA Temple, and Knights of Columbus Catholic organization in the form of an unidentifiable white powder sent through the mail - both temples had to shut down with patrons inside. Churches up and down the Wasatch Front in Utah have had their windows shot out and their welcome signs spray painted on. Copies of the LDS Church's Book of Mormon have been burned. Supporters of Prop. 8 have been threatened to the point of job resignation. Those who donated $1000 or more have been identified through public records and blacklisted. In the case of donors being connected with businesses, those businesses are now being boycotted. Beatings, threats, vandalism, terrorism, protests, shouting voices, angry voices. Will the insanity never end? The people of California spoke through the democratic process and the backlash has been horrendous, unprecedented, and, frankly, unwarranted. And yet.... And yet, among the leaders of our state, the silence in response to this mob movement is deafening. Governor Arnold, Senator Diane, will neither of you stand up and defend the democratic process that served to put you in office? Will neither of you stand up and defend the California State Constitution which now holds that, according to the will of the people (who voted you into office, I might not-so-subtly add), marriage is between one man and one woman? If nothing else, put aside your personal opinion to uphold the democratic process this country (and state) was founded upon. Now, I am not opposed to people picketing and protesting, but I am absolutely opposed to people protesting violently and unfairly targeting individuals and churches for the part they played in pulling out the yes vote on Proposition 8. So, people, seriously - if you want the democratic process to work for you in the future, I'd suggest you calm down, take a step back, and learn what, exactly, that process is. Because I can tell you for sure what it isn't: it's not beating up an elderly neighbor couple while you're trying to put No on 8 signs in their yard; it's not boycotting a place of business due to a co-owner's personal contribution to Proposition 8; it's not drive-by harassment of individual Prop 8 donors; it's not perpetuating Unibomber-esque terrorist mailing strategies; it's not defacing churches; it's not burning sacred religious books; it's definitely not intimidating children as they walk to worship services; it's not scribbling offensive mandates on temple walls; it's not attacking women for trying to take propaganda off of temple gates; it's not, it's not, it's not.... It's pretty sad how long that list is already. And I feel so badly for the greater homosexual community which probably would prefer not to have this kind of behavior and attention attached to it. Stop shooting yourselves in the feet! Suck it up and start over with a new plan. Pick up the pieces and move forward instead of getting caught up in this frenzy of violence and hate. In case you haven't noticed, the Yes on 8 side hasn't been gloating. Not one peep from this camp. I quietly took down my yard signs and peeled off my car sticker and moved on with my life. I didn't quickly start a phone tree of congratulations and celebrations. I didn't go march in front of the No on 8 campaign headquarters screaming and waving a "Neener, Neener, Neener" sign in your face. I didn't seek out my homosexual neighbors and whip out my mallet and Yes on 8 sign to plant in their front yard. All of that sounds completely absurd and so, too, is what you're doing now.


beetlebabee said...

Neener Neener Neener! ok Liz, that was funny.

L.A. Times has a search they put up that shows even lunch money donations to prop8. The el coyote story was about a hundred bucks. It's outrageous. For her, it wasn't even her business, she was just the niece of the owner. The company didn't give a dime to p8, but they got blacklisted and STAYED blacklisted even after offering to pay 10k to gay causes. It's just insane. They're way over the top here. It'll take them years to overcome the rifts the last two weeks of tantrums have caused.

Next time some campaign comes along and says, they're going to take away your free speech. People will believe more readily because of the actions they've taken the last two weeks. They've shown an ugly side to the world that we won't forget.