Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Maine, D.C., and Milk: The Homosexual Agenda Steams Forward.

It’s old news by now, I’m sure. But just in case any of you missed your daily rounds amongst the alternative media outlets reporting accurate local and world news on the Internet, let me fill you in.

MAINE’s governor John Baldacci has signed a same-sex “marriage” bill into effect today, which brings the tally of states recognizing genderless marriage to a grand total of five. All five states, not surprisingly, have brought about legalized homosexual “marriage” by circumventing a vote by the people. In the ONLY state where the matter of homosexual “marriage” was turned over to the people it would affect, Californians got it right, preserving the traditional definition of marriage in order to preserve the future health of children and society.

But hope is not lost for Maine. Read on.
Update: Maine has a “People’s Veto” Option
“The law the governor signed today does not go into effect until 90 days after the adjournment of the legislative session. When the session ends, the people can file for a “People’s Veto.” If they get 60,000 signatures before the 90 days are up, the law does not go into effect and the bill goes to a statewide referendum.”
(Pomegranate Apple)

D.C., our nation’s grand capitol, has seen fit to ratify legislation which recognizes out-of-state homosexual “marriages.” Lawmakers there openly admit to a desire for this legislation to eventually lead to legalized same-sex “marriage.”
“The interesting part is that Congress must approve the city’s laws. They have 30 days. This will not only decide whether the law stands, but will show where congress stands on the DOMA.”
(Pomegranate Apple)

And Harvey MILK Day is winding its way through the ranks of the California legislature now in session in Sacramento. Despite being vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger last year, proponents of SB 572 are doggedly pushing the measure through once again. Today, the Senate Education Committee signed off on the bill.
“The governor vetoed this identical legislation less than a year ago saying that support of Harvey Milk and his policies were not a part of public school education.”
(Beetle Blogger)


“Schools, children and parents will have no choice but to celebrate this man and the radical agenda of his political movement.”
(Beetle Blogger)

Whew! Things are heating up. Will the homosexual activist cry of “6 by 12!” (six New England states by the year 2012) ring true before the year 2009 even comes to a close? I certainly hope not. Will the people stand up and demand to be accurately represented by their elected politicians? I certainly hope so. And will homosexual activists succeed in legally indoctrinating our children through forced celebration of non-academic persons? Who knows. Not my children, though. They’ll be homeschooled, as is the growing trend these days (not surprisingly). But the answer is a definite yes if all we do is read, wring our hands, and lament the demise of our nation, then shut off our computer and settle down in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn. Go call your representatives. Right now. In fact, you can do it while your popcorn is popping, it’s really that simple.



KingM said...

"All five states, not surprisingly, have brought about legalized homosexual “marriage” by circumventing a vote by the people."

Not really true. I can't speak to those other places, but my state of Vermont used its duly elected representatives to pass the law. Passing laws is their constitutional duty, while the duty of the people is to vote them out if they don't agree with their votes. So far, I have not heard a peep of protest other than the rare letter to the editor.

Pearl said...

That is because the people were not even aware of the legislation, KingM. It was rushed through without public notification of its rapid advance. People couldn't peep because they didn't even know it was occurring. If you still haven't heard a peep, stick around these blogs for a while, hop on Twitter, and take a look at Facebook with a growing group of citizens of Vermont joining their voices together to express their disgust at the dishonest manner through which homosexual marriage was legalized in their state.

Chairm said...

KingM, I think you have it backwards.

The People elected representatives who are supposed to act on the will of the people they represent.

The elected representatives are not tasked with making radical reforms and later asking for the people to agree.

There was NO prompting from the governed for this merger of SSM with marriage. It was pressed by a faction and it was NOT an election issue for the vast range of representatives elected in the Legislature nor in the Executive.

No, this was not decided by representatives serving the People. This was decided by representatives bowing to identity politics and going over the heads of The People.